Buttercream Wedding Collection Cakes

We offer four elegant buttercream designs in our Wedding Collection-- these collection cakes begin at $4.00/per serving for two-tiered cakes, and $6.00/per serving for three tiers or more. For designs requiring any extra customization, see our custom cake pricing below. To start on a wedding order, please email with your cake size and design details.


Custom Cakes

Custom cake designs begin at $8.00/pp. Just like your wedding dress, pricing will vary for cakes with more personalized and labor-intensive designs-- intricate piping & hand-painting, gold- and silver-leaf finishes, lacework, etc--so please contact us with your ideas for an exact quote.  

Specialty sculpted, shaped or fondant cakes begin at $10.00 per serving, and usually average around $13-$15/pp. Flavors for sculpted cakes may be limited so please email us for more information!

Buttercream Wedding Collection Designs


Our Seminaked cake doesn't sacrifice any elegance for frosting! This natural, no-fuss look is easily dressed up with florals, fruits, or drips of chocolate or caramel, and is a perfect fit for a woodsy Vermont wedding.


Textured buttercream looks are ever popular, and our Lined cake offers the best of both worlds: clean beautiful frosting with an effortless vibe.

Modern Rosette

We love the vintage style of piped buttercream, but to give our rosette cake a modern update, we went for a chic, asymmetric styling that leaves some breathing room in the top tiers!


Our Speckled cakes take classic white buttercream on a playful spin! We love the little bit of edge and personality in this one, and think it's extra adorable with colored buttercream as well!

Custom Cakes* (starting at $8.00/pp)