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At North Country Cakes, we can create special cakes and pastries that cater to your special dietary needs. Check out our vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options below, or visit the contact page to email me with any specific questions.

I'm Vegan!

I'm Gluten-Free!


Vegan Chocolate
vegan chocolate cake • vegan chocolate ganache

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry
vegan chocolate cake • housemade raspberry jam • vegan chocolate ganache

Vegan Carrot
vegan carrot cake • vegan coconut frosting

Dessert Bar Options

Gluten-Free Desserts

flourless chocolate tortes

french macarons

coconut macaroons

chocolate pecan chewies

gluten free chocolate cupcakes

gluten-free cheesecakes

housemade candies: marshmallows (vanilla bean or

   flavored), or chocolate dipped strawberries

Vegan Desserts               

vegan fruit-filled pies & crisps

vegan chocolate cupcakes

chocolate dipped pretzels

chocolate dipped strawberries


Almond Wedding
GF almond cake • vanilla buttercream •  [optional] house-made fruit or berry jam  

VT Maple Almond
GF almond cake  • VT maple buttercream

GF chocolate cake • whipped chocolate buttercream •  

[optional] house-made fruit or berry jam  

I'm Dairy-Free!

Dairy-Free Cakes

we can substitute dairy-free products in many of our regular cakes, just let us know what flavors you are interested in.


North Country Cakes makes every effort to accommodate special dietary requests; however, all cakes are made in an environment that handles wheat, soy, eggs, nuts and alcohols, and as such North Country Cakes cannot be held liable for cross-contamination due to the nature of production.

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