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Build Your Own Cake!

Choose your own adventure by picking from our options for cake flavor, frosting flavors, and decorative elements!

Cake flavors:




GF chocolate (+$5)

Buttercream flavors:

vanilla bean

whipped chocolate

pink raspberry


peanut butter




ALLERGEN information

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

allergens: varies by cake flavor

Add Extras (in between layers):

housemade raspberry jam (+$5)

chocolate ganache (+$6)

salted caramel (+$6)


rainbow confetti sprinkles

mini chocolate chips

chocolate drips

caramel drizzle

white chocolate drips (+$5)

toasted housemade marshmallows (+$5)

fresh berries (+$5)

edible glitter (+$3)

metallic silver or gold sprinkles (+$3)

6" (serves 8-10). . . . .

8" (serves 12-16). . . .

10" (serves 20-25)

half sheet (serves 40-50) . .

$35 & up

$45 & up

$60 & up

$90 & up

All cakes are made to order and currently require 1 week notice. We are open Thursday-Sunday.

If you are looking for a cake on a shorter timeframe, please give us a call and see what we have available in the case!

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